Theme Garden

Nautical Themed Garden

A Theme garden is any type of garden, (Salsa Garden, Herb garden, veggie garden, etc.) centered around either common elements that relate to each other in a stylistic way. An example of some “Theme Garden’s” are,  Nautical, Fairy, Tiny Town, Army Men, Gnome village, Floral Infused, or simply has a theme color distributed throughout or both.  A theme garden can be put together for serenity, to focus and inspire both children and adults and more.

How To get started

In this post, I will show you how I created it.

  1. Theme Ideas- To come up with your “Theme” First ask yourself a few questions.
    • Who do you want to inspire with this theme?  Will you have this to inspire your children? Do you want this garden to just look good in your yard and match the other decor? Do you just want to be happy going to your yard and feel like it is a place you want to hang out in?
  2. Color pallet
  3. Decor Items
    • First-Gather all your decor items together
    • Plan the decor layout of your garden so you know where you want and need items that support your theme.
    • What do you want to be seen from farther back or even from the neighbors?
    • Decide if you want a Focus Wall-
    • Plant labels
  4. Placement
    • Lay down your decor in the areas you want them, then stand back and check to see if you like the placement.
    • Take pictures of your decor items in different areas
  5. Outdoor Safe materials.
    • Choose weatherproof items
    • Weatherproof your items with outdoor paint
    • Weatherproof with Outdoor sealants
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