The 6 Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives for All Your DIY Needs

A pocket knife or standard utility knife is a great tool to have around the house, from cutting open a cardboard box to cutting that perfect edge on a DIY project, to cutting through plastic packaging. Here are the 6 best box cutters & utility knives for all your DIY needs.

Box cutters and utility knives come in handy for just this reason: they offer a sharp blade, and these are retractable knives that keep you safe.

Getting the perfect box cutter or utility knife will all depend on what purpose you’re using it for. If all you’re going to do is some lightbox cutting on rare occasions, then you’ll most likely not care to purchase the most expensive box cutter on the market.

Some box cutters and utility knives are more portable than others on the market, while others are more durable, and getting one that works for you all depends on your needs.

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Slice Box Cutter – Best Overall 5/5

The Slice Box Cutter is the best overall box cutter/utility knife on the market. It has three different positions and a ceramic blade that can retract back and forth, giving you an increased measure of control in whatever you’re cutting.

The variety of different blade positions gives you the ability to cut at certain depths. If you need to cut a little deeper into certain packaging products, you can simply adjust it as needed.  Those that are afraid of cuts will enjoy that the ceramic blade is skin-friendly

The Slice Box Cutter is extremely easy to use with one hand, and it’s shaped to fit right in your pocket or tool kit very conveniently. You can get this box cutter in either orange or green colors.

Super easy to control and operate.Some people might not like the shape of it.
Fits right in your pocket.
Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives Review

Milwaukee 48-22-1502 – Runner Up – 5/5

The Milwaukee 48-22-1502 is the runner-up to the best utility knife out there. The ergonomics and safety of this knife make it a wise option for anyone looking for a reliable utility knife that will cut through whatever needs to be cut.

The contoured shape of it feels comfortable in the hand and there is a notch and a grip for your finger that makes it feel comfortable to use repeatedly. This utility knife can be opened and closed very swiftly, and for those that are using a knife all day, this is a very nice bonus to have.

Even though the knife is very thin, you can fit up to five blades right in the handle of it.

Very comfortable.Some people might not like the shape of it.
Stores 5 blades.Those with larger hands might find it too thin.
Thin, which makes it great for people with small hands.
Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives Review

WorkPro Folding Utility Knife – Best For Sharpness – 4/5

For those that want a utility knife that seemingly never goes dull, the WorkPro Utility Knife is one of the sharpest on the market. You can use it to cut a lot more than only cardboard and packaging products. The WorkPro knife folds nicely and people report being able to cut through material that many other knives can’t cut through.

The design of the knife is also very comfortable on the hand. It has a thumb rest that prevents your thumb from getting in the way while you’re using the knife. Because of the thumb rest, you can use more pressure to cut through thicker materials.

After you’re done using the blade, you simply just fold it up and the blade will be encased.

Very sharp.The sharpness of the blade can lead to accidents if you aren't careful
Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives Review

Gerber Pry Utility Knife – Great Functionality – 4/5

The Gerber Pry Utility Knife is a knife that has a bunch of other unique functions included with it, aside from just cutting things. The knife has a:

  • Wire stripper
  • Nail puller
  • Flathead driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Prybar

This knife is perfect for those that want a product that does a number of different functions. While it might not do all of these functions the best, it’s nice to have if you find yourself in a pinch.

Lots of different functions.The sharpness of the blade can lead to accidents if you aren't careful
Durable.Many functions, but not the best at all of them.
Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives Review

Home Planet Gear Box Cutter Utility Knife – Great Ergonomics – 3/5

Everyone wants a knife that feels comfortable to use. The Home Planet Gear Box Cutter Utility Knife does just that. It will also keep your knuckles protected while you’re using it, and this is nice for those that always find their hands damaged while using certain knives repeatedly throughout the day.

This knife is built with a circular handle that contains TPR rubber. Because of this rubber, you’re getting a knife that has a lot of grip while you’re using it. The blade is a high-carbon SK5 blade that you can pop into a total of 5 positions for various cutting requirements.

There is also a compartment within the blade where you can store spare blades.

Ergonomic design.The sharpness of the blade can lead to accidents if you aren't careful
Storage for blades.Some might find this knife a little on the large side.
Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives Review

FC Folding Utility Knife – A Wise Consideration – 3/5

The FC Folding Utility Knife is another wise consideration to keep in mind when you’re looking for a good utility knife. It is manufactured with carbon steel blades that are strong enough to cut almost whatever material you throw at it.

The anti-slip grip will prevent your hands from slipping around while using the knife. If you find your blades going dull, you can simply swap out the blade very fast due to the quick change mechanism built into it.

Super fast to change blades.The sharpness of the blade can lead to accidents if you aren't careful
Very sharp.Not as ergonomic as some of the other top blades on the market.
Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives Review

Final Thoughts

Because everyone has different hands, different requirements, and different tastes, finding the best knife can take a little trial and error. Giving these knives a try is highly recommended if you’re looking for a good knife to get the job done.

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