The Best Oils for Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Wood oil is essential for your outdoor wood furniture. Outdoor furniture is often exposed to different weather conditions and other outside elements. It doesn’t take much to ruin your perfect furniture set.

This is where wood oil comes into the picture. It can protect your furniture from minor damage.

But protecting your outdoor furniture isn’t all that wood oil is capable of. It also gives your furniture a beautiful finish. It covers any ugly wood surface stains.

There are a few types of wood oil that you can choose from for your outdoor wood furniture. We’re going to go over each type of wood oil and share our favorite brand for each type.

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Linseed Oil 

Linseed oil is the most popular wood oil. You rub the oil into the wood while it sinks into the wood and leaves a gorgeous satin finish.

It protects the wood surface from scratches and other minor damages. It also protects the wood from expanding due to humidity. Linseed oil also brings out the wood’s natural colors and design.

Raw linseed oil is another option but it takes forever to dry. It can take weeks and weeks and weeks. But it’s the purest form of the oil.

Sunnyside Corporation Boiled Linseed Oil 

Sunnyside Corporation Boiled Linseed Oil


Sunnyside has a great boiled linseed oil option. It takes only 12 to 18 hours to dry, instead of weeks when compared to raw linseed oil.

And you apply it to unfinished wood.

This linseed oil formula penetrates your wood furniture for a glossy finish. And it creates a protective barrier on the surface.

It creates a tough elastic film to help with this task. You don’t have to worry about scratches or watermarks.

It brings out your furniture’s colors and tones. And it allows you to see the intricate patterns of the wood.

Tung Oil

Tung wood oil is one of the most popular wood oils to use on any wood, including outdoor furniture.

To apply tung oil you have to use the method wet-on-wet burnishing. It’s not a process for the faint of heart.

Once you apply the tung oil, you sand the surface. You add another coat of tung oil and then sand it again. You repeat this process a few more times.

It takes about three days for the final coat of tung oil to dry.

If you’re a beginner DIYer, you might want to ask for the help of a friend. Wet-on-wet burnishing is tricky and takes a while to complete.

FDC Chem 100% Pure Tung Oil Finish Wood Stain & Natural Sealer 

FDC Chem 100% Pure Tung Oil Finish Wood Stain & Natural Sealer


FDC Chem’s 100% pure tung oil formula will provide your outdoor furniture with a hand rubbed warm finish.

The warm formula gives that depth you always want from wood furniture. But most formulas come up short.

It also creates a moisture-resistant layer on top of the wood so no liquids can seep through and ruin it. It’s even acid-resistant.

When you’re done, your furniture has a natural radiance instead of that fake glow many wood oils produce.

When you apply this tung oil to wood, you have to sand the surface first. After 30 minutes, wipe off the excess tung oil. Then you wait 24 hours before applying another coat of oil.

There are no solvents or additives in this formula.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil works as a jack of all trades. It’s used for several different things, including as a finishing oil for wood.

It’s non-toxic, clear, and odorless. The oil gives the wood a natural look. It also covers annoying water stains on outdoor furniture.

It’s a popular choice but it’s not our favorite. It works better for indoor projects than it does for outdoor furniture.

It doesn’t have that protection your furniture needs.

In case you’re interested in mineral oil for your outdoor furniture, we’re sharing the best mineral oil to use.

UltraPro Food Grade White Mineral Oil 

UltraPro Food Grade White Mineral Oil


The UltraPro white mineral oil is versatile. You can use it for items made of wood as well as for pharmaceutical uses.

The white mineral oil formula is perfect for a smooth and soft surface.

It also creates a barrier that makes it moisture-resistant. It will protect your furniture from water damage but no other damage.

This formula is non-drying and non-toxic. It’s also colorless, odorless, and even flavorless.

Danish Oil 

Danish oil is a catch-all name for several different substances mixed. It’s popular and you can find it in most DIYers’ gear.

It brings out natural tones while creating a barrier between furniture and danger.

It’s one of our second favorite oils to use on any wood surface. And even more so on wooden outdoor furniture.

Watco Rust-Oleum Danish Oil Wood Finish 

Watco Rust-Oleum Danish Oil Wood Finish


The Watco oil is a great addition to your wood projects, including outdoor furniture.

The oil soaks into the wood with ease, even into the wood pores. It creates a strong barrier to protect it from chipping, nicks, peeling, and scratches.

The barrier is also moisture-resistant to protect your furniture from spills.

But it doesn’t only create a barrier. It also brings out the natural design and color tones of the wood. At the same time, it creates a warm and rich glow.

This Danish oil can be used on bare, sanded, or stripped wood surfaces.

It’s easy to apply. You can coat your wood furniture with the Danish oil within an hour or two.

And it dries in only six hours. That’s super fast compared to many of the other oils on this list.


You have choices when it comes to the right oil for your outdoor wood furniture. When you finish a project or repair your old furniture, you want to give it that extra touch and protection.

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