7 Gorgeous Coffee Table Makeover Ideas You Won’t Resist

The coffee table is a central piece of living room furniture and plays an important role in the overall appearance of your living space. But how do you spruce up that old coffee table in your living room? Well, you go for a DIY coffee table makeover! Here are the 7 gorgeous coffee table makeover ideas you won’t resist.

In this article, we explore seven genius coffee table makeover ideas you can try to revamp your table into a renewed elegant piece of furniture that you will fall in love with once again. There are tons of different methods, from a gel stain, to spray paint, or using different paintbrush techniques.

Once you have the complete project details for a coffee table makeover, nothing can stand in the way of your creativity and determination. Let’s enhance your imagination with some unique, low-cost DIY coffee table makeover methods.

1. Bermuda Blending Technique for Coffee Table Makeover

While this Bermuda blending technique tutorial by Maria Revollo of ML Furniture Decor LLC is not exactly a coffee table tutorial, you can borrow the unique idea and apply it to your coffee table for that wild look with a blend of multiple colors.

The “blending technique” here means that you are using multiple colors on the same coffee table, and you have the liberty to choose the colors you want to achieve the resultant bold look.

Coffee Table Ideas

Tutorial Credit: Realitydaydream

We may not fit in the entire makeover process here, so we have linked to Maria’s tutorial above.

Feel free to check it out and run with the idea. The result will be a highly vibrant and bold coffee table you can’t resist, especially if you have a soft spot for a mix of multiple colors on the same object.

2. DIY Stenciled & Country Style Coffee Table Makeover

Before we go any further, let’s point out that this table plan is not for the faint of heart. You won’t spend a lot to modify the entire coffee table, but you will definitely require all the time and precision you can get.

The step by step tutorial for the DIY stenciled coffee table makeover is available here and will provide you with the exact steps to follow to achieve the makeover. Although we find it a bit complicated and time-consuming, there are still some simple steps in the process that you can easily execute as you enjoy a cup of coffee!

Coffee Table Ideas

Tutorial Credit: Redhenhome

If you are good enough with artwork and have steady hands, this makeover idea is worth trying since you will have to map out the inscription you choose as it appears on the tabletop from the projector. As we said, it’s complicated but totally worth it for its country or cowgirl look.

3. Raw Finish Technique for Coffee Table Makeover

The raw wood finish technique calls for leaving the wood in its natural state without any painting. It is the body of wood you will be looking for here, hence the need to leave it in its original state.

Depending on the type of wood the coffee table is made of, you may have to do some polishing or apply a clear wood finish instead of leaving the raw surface exposed to the elements. A hardwood coffee table is more suitable for this project since it is more resistant to the elements.

Photo of Coffee Table

Tutorial Credit: Maisondepax

The makeover process involves sanding the table to remove the existing paint and wood finish and to expose the wood grain pattern. You can use a sander for this step, with a palm sander on the corners and an orbital sander for the larger wood portions.

Rachel Paxton shares the raw finish technique step by step tutorial in this 2018 blog post.

Although the tutorial is not for a coffee table, it is easy to follow right from the sanding step to the optional wood-sealing step. You can adapt the project for your coffee table makeover plan.

Note that while sealing is optional, it is impractical to have raw wood unsealed, and you might lose some of that rustic appeal when you seal the wood. Nevertheless, the wood texture you choose will remain, as will the wood grain pattern.

4. DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Makeover – the IKEA Hack

Well, you can add a signature farmhouse look to your coffee table by strapping several wood boards onto the tabletop and then finishing them with a few coats of wood stain and polyurethane for wood preservation and coloring.

Coffee Table Ideas

Tutorial Credit: Thecreativemom

Start with the wood stain as the base coat and then top it off with the polyurethane finish that helps protect the wood.

Natalie Dalpias shares the complete project details for the farmhouse coffee table makeover plan, including all the supplies you will need and where to get them. Be sure to check it out and try it on your coffee table.

5. Gold and White Stenciled Table Makeover

Jen Crider of girlinthegarage.net has a genius gold and white stenciled table makeover process that you can borrow for your coffee table makeover plan. You will need some supplies from the store, including metallic gold paint and a suitable stencil from a crafty design studio.

Coffee Table Ideas

Tutorial Credit: Girlinthegarage

You can find the gold and white stenciled table makeover step by step tutorial on Jen’s blog, in which she explains the basic steps to take to achieve that perfect modern look for your coffee table.

6. Weathered Gray Stain Coffee Table Makeover

If you are a fan of wood furniture with a weathered look, you can try out the weathered gray stain coffee table makeover plan by Kate Riley.

Coffee Table Ideas

Tutorial Credit: Centsationalstyle

It’s also an IKEA hack that involves clamping down some wood boards on the tabletop using glue and wood putty in between the boards.

7. Wood-burning Technique for Coffee Table Makeover

The wood-burning technique involves burning the wood lightly using gas to make the grains stand out without charring the wood in any way. It is essentially a wood preservation method but one you can apply to a raw wood coffee tabletop.

Coffee Table Ideas

Image Credit: Manmadediy

Bottom Line

We hope you have found at least one idea from our list for your next coffee table makeover project. If the one you choose proves challenging, you can always seek help or switch to other more friendly and less expensive alternative DIY projects.

Other than the stencil-type makeover plans that are a bit more complicated and time-consuming, you will find the rest of the plans easy to execute. Feel free to add them to your wishlist of the next favorite projects to try.

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