DIY Suncatchers

DIY Stained Glass

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This Tutorial for Suncatcher’s is a fun project that will brighten your windows. Use plastic from a container in your refrigerator or pantry or from your office supplies. I used a lid to a bulk salad container.

Tools Needed

  • Plastic
  • Scissors
  • Plain Paper or Print out of design
  • Pencil or pen
  • Black Sharpie
  • Colorful Sharpies
  • Tape

Step by Step

  1. The first step is to cut the plastic into the desired shape.  
  2. Trace the shape onto the paper
  3. Draw pattern or Print out the desired pattern from online etc.
  4. place Plastic shape over pattern, tape edges if needed
  5. Trace pattern with black Sharpie 
  6. Turn plastic over
  7. Color the opposite side of suncatcher without the black sharpie (so the black marker and color do not smudge)
  8. Let dry
  9. Tape in window

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