DIY no Sew Face Mask

T-Shirt face Mask-Plus Decorative removable layer.

In this article, we will show you how to make a DIY  no sew face mask using a recycled materials like your old shirt. Learn more of this tutorial.

DIY- NO SEW Face Mask
DIY- NO SEW Face Mask
DIY- NO SEW Face Mask
DIY- NO SEW Face Mask

Decorative Layer velcroed to the mask

Use of cloth face coverings, help slow the spread of Covid-19

Materials Needed 

    1. T-Shirt. Materials-Fabric.
    2. Sharpie Markers
    3. Inserts- air filter, vacuum bags, coffee filter, clean flat scrubber,  bra padding insert, used cling-free sheets, paper towels, etc.
    4. Strap-T-shirt, Elastic, Head Bands, Hair Ties, ribbon, rubber bands.
    5. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
    6. Scissors ✂️
    7. Adhesive Velcro or Double-sided tape
    8. IF you are decorating and drawing on your mask, use either a t-shirt or plain material without a pattern or even white pillowcases.
    9. Any added beads or bling for decorating.
    1. Aqua-Flo cut to fit A/C Air filter  
    2. Vacuum Bags

Step by Step Mask

  1. Gather all your materials listed
  2. Cut 1 sleeve off of a T-shirt at the seam of the shoulder.
  3. Cut a 1″ band off the bottom of the T-Shirt
  4. Lay the sleeve seam side up while the seam is at the center of the sleeve facing you.
  5. Slide that band through the T-Shirt sleeve leaving half showing above the sleeve and the other half showing below the sleeve.
  6. Cut the bottom of the band so it leaves an open end.
  7. Place the top of the band over the top of your head.
  8. Place the sleeve over your nose down to your chin.
  9. Tie the open-ended staps at the nape of your neck after you sinch it tight enough to fit your face comfortably.
  10. Cut filter insert. 5”x5” soft square. This insert can be made from an a/c air filter or vacuum bag listed above.
  11. You can place the filter on the inside of the sleeve, or later between the decorative layer and the mask once velcro is applied, so the filter does not fall out.

NOTE* The a/c air filter needs to be cut out of its holder, then measured & cut 5”x5”

NOTE* The vacuum bag needs to be cut open then measured & cut 5”x5”

YouTube Tutorial 

Step by Step Decorative layer

  1. Cut your fabric 8″x6″.
  2. Hot Glue any frayed edges.
  3. Fold the edges in 1″
  4.  Fold the top 2 corners down.
  5. Hot Glue Beads or Jewels then Draw with a permanent marker or Decorate however you like.
  6. Add adhesive velcro to the back of the Decorative layer and the face mask so they can adhere to each other.
  7. Place a filter between the decorative layer and the mask.


Congratulations!  You are DONE!

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