DIY Leopard Print Pattern

How to create a Leopard Print Pattern in 3 easy steps.  Learn how to make a DIY leopard print pattern in these easy and simple steps. 

Try a Leopard print with any medium, paint, colored pencil, even nail polish. Instead of painting the pattern onto your wall, create it on a big canvas that you can hang up or remove easily as you please. There are a lot of ways to create a leopard pattern, here’s one simple steps.

DIY Leopard Print Pattern

1. Color a base color of your choice. (Hint lighter then the rest of your pattern is best)

DIY Leopard Print Pattern

2. Make dot shapes with a darker color than the base color. Not perfect. These dots should be misshapen.
DIY Leopard Print Pattern
DIY Leopard Print Pattern

3. Darken some of the edges randomly around dots as shown in the picture. Every dot should look different from the next.

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DIY Leopard Print Pattern

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Follow these easy steps on how to make a DIY leopard print pattern using the basic and affordable materials like sharpie, colored pens and other coloring materials that you can find inside your home. The best time to enjoy these kind of projects are when you are with your friends of family. Discover your skills that you never seen before.

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