DIY Home Office Set up

Items to help you easily set up your home office.

DIY Home Office Set up Steps

  1. All items required– Gather in one place all necessary items you have to have for your home office. Computer, phone, whether you need drawers, bins or baskets, etc. This will help you decide how much space to look for in your home along with storage needed.
  2. Measure the square footage requirements needed for the space to house all these items. Think of the vertical space, as well as horizontally/width of the space you could use.
  3. Outlet & Wifi access- Choose a space that has easy access to the appropriate outlets and connection and if it gets a good signal in that part of the house. Check your signal before putting in the work setting it up there.  For a Better Signal, Consider getting an  a)Outlet Ethernet adapter or b)Outlet Ethernet adapter
  4. Privacy-Find a space in your home that is quiet enough for you, and maybe even the ability to close up and put your work away when you are done, like an Armoir or closet.
  5. Addition Storage needed for all items- from a printer to bins for files and paper storage, to pens and pencils. You can use cups, bins, rolling carts, and even boxes.
  6. DIY Desk Ideas– 2 sawhorses and a board on top, OR a Shelf extended on a bookcase, Shelf hanging on a wall, a Closet with a shelf inside, Armoir, vanity, sofa table, or even two small end tables with a door or board on top.


  • DESK HEIGHT-A good desk height is between 28 inches to 30 inches.

  • DESK DEPTH-Depends on how far back you like your computer and keyboard, your measurements can be from 24, 30 to 36 inches.
  • DESK WIDTH-Common dimensions are from 48, 60, and 72 inches depending on the space you have to put your desk.

Below are some nice options


Space Saving Desk options 



Use cabinets for legs OR additional Storage Ideas




  • Build your own with 2 sawhorses and a board for a RUSTIC look 



  • Solid Wood Optional Shelf


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