DIY Father’s Greeting Day Card

Custom Father's Day Card idea

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Show your love with the man in your life. Learn here the DIY father’s greeting day card in simple and easy steps.

DIY Father's Greeting Day Card

Step 1

  • Get supplies, listed below

Step 2

  • If you choose to,  tape a border around the edges of your paper, with blue painter’s tape.
  • To ensure your blue tape does not lift up your paper,  when you  take it off later, stick the tape to your arm first to lift off some of the sticky

    making a boarder
    DIY Father’s Greeting Day Card

Step 3

  • Cut painters tape in the shape of a banner of your choice
  • Make sure to press down your tape well so the paint does not seep underneath

    preparing a card
    DIY Father’s Greeting Day Card

Step 4

  • Use watercolor paint and brush to paint the background
  • Let dry

Step 5

  • Pull the tape off of the banner area
  • Let dry

Step 6

  • Paint a light color over the banner area
  • Let dry

Step 7

  • Draw a banner over your dried watercolorpicture of the finished painted card

Step 8

  • Take all of the painter’s tape off.peeling off the tape boardeer

Step 9

  • Write inside the banner with a marker

writing a message to your card

Step 10

  • Sign your card and you are ready to go


Tools Used

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